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Work becomes collaborative

Collaborative robots ease automation for small and medium-size companies too

One of the biggest advantages of collaborative robots consists in being the perfect match between human abilities and robots. The cooperation between man and robot guarantees all consistency features like precision and productivity and also know-how, creativity and problem solving, which are human features.



The system is fully integrated with TIG welding generator (Voestalpine Bohler SELCO) URANOS 2700 AC/DC EASYARC-3X400V-LCD 3,5.

The robot detects shapes and deformations without any programming activity by the operator.



Automatic deburring system for all metallic and plastic materials. Improved ability to clean different shapes according to different surface finishing and material.



Compact system with multiple functionalities thanks to ergonomic grippers and ad hoc equipments. For different applications like picking, drilling, tapping and riveting of sheet metal parts.
The robot detects shapes and deformations without any programming activity by the operator.
Useful working area 2400mm x 1200mm or 2 stations 1200mm x 1200mm each.
Easy programming and ideal for small production batches.
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Programming time

The remarkable software developments carried out ease all programming activities

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Position consistency

With allowed payload and according to ISO 9283

Industry 4.0

The whole ROLLERI ROBOTIC range is set-up for Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 enables you to reach the best results and business targets. New challenges require the digitalization of manufacturing companies. Industry is facing new and rapidly changing challenges. Our resources are limited and everybody has to do more with less. Digitalization and automation are the turning points to face these challenges. It is fundamental to collect, analyse and use the huge quantity of data created.
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