Our assistance and training support is guaranteed by a series of dedicated software and hardware tools.


In order to ensure maximum productivity of the systems we design, our offer includes training sessions for our customers’ operators.

The lessons can be held in person or remotely, at the customer’s premises or at our offices, the remote sessions will use of cloud and COBOTIC REMOTE technologies.

  • operator

  • programmer

  • maintenance technician


Trough the platform platform “ cloud” we can offer our customers a continuous remote monitoring of our units.

Thanks to this predictive maintenance service, the scheduled intervention actions are foreseen that avoid unexpected machine stops.

Through the cloud platform, updating the software on the machine will be simple, automatic and will ensure a constant updating of the applications without ever causing unexpected production stops.


Thanks to COBOTIC REMOTE System combined to cloud, service technicians can help the operator carrying out any operation and intervening remotely for any kind of of problem, mechanical or software. Traditional telephone support will be a point of contact always available to our customers.

Through COBOTIC, our customers will be able to get original spare parts, supplied quickly and safely by us.

It’s a kit for machine operator, which consists of augmented reality glasses, camera and earphones connected to the COBOTIC 100 unit.

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