Production of welding jigs with robotic cells and production programming of the line.

ROLLERI ROBOTIC, in partnership with CAIBOT, offer the following services:

  • preparation of production programs

  • welding jigs production

  • AI.lamd unity rent

  • consulting and support for the creation and the start of automation plans that require collaborative robots.

No need to change your organization.


No need to worry about staff training for the production of welding jigs and for the preparation of the programs for the COBOTIC cells.

No need to worry about new hardware and software complexities, just concentrate on the production and on the customer satisfaction.


With a quick audit, even remotely, we will collect your information and by receiving the cad file of the piece you have to produce we will perform the simulations of the production cycle.

In order to maximize the productivity of your unit, we will produce the necessary welding jigs and production programs.

Our service guarantees the supply of welding jigs and production programs in 72 hours for each new piece (geometry) to be produced.
We are at your side to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire production cycle, we are your partner always available.

In case of extraordinary production peaks we will be able to give you a prompt response by providing you with the possibility of renting one or more COBOTIC 100 units, giving you the opportunity to rapidly increase the production capacity of your company.


In addiction to metal jigs, we can design, produce and supply sccessories made with additive production, for example 3D printing, required for special processing.

Rolleri Robotic
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Loc. Cabina – 29020
Vigolzone (PC), Italy

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