Watch the videos of our collaborative welding robot for welding tig, mig and deburring  – Cobotic 100 series machines – directly from the website or from our Rolleri Robotic Youtube channel!


Robotic cell for deburring.

In this video you can see in detail how COBOTIC 100C carries out the tool change (tool storage of 4 tools + 1 bench). COBOTIC 100C is able to withdraw and deposit tools when needed by the operator. The secret of deburring/polishing is to keep the movement smooth and constant, so as not to create new scratches on the surface. This is possible thanks to the COBOTIC 100C robotic deburring systems.


Robotic cell for deburring.

The robotic deburring cell – COBOTIC 100C – is an amazing piece of machinery that can help optimize your production process. The video tutorial shows how to use this machine correctly and also illustrates the various components of the cell and their interaction, providing viewers with a complete overview of its operation. This tutorial is a valuable resource for anyone using the robotic deburring cell.


Robotic cell for TIG welding.

TIG welding can be used to create strong, clean welds on both thin and thick metal sections. The advantage of collaborative welding robots is that they are very precise and can be used for small and delicate projects.


Robotic cell for TIG welding.

The video tutorial of the TIG welding cell – COBOTIC 100T – provides a complete overview of how it works, the specific components that make up the robotic welding cell and instructions on how to use it correctly.


Video guide for programming COBOTIC 100 machines.

Thanks to the collaborative robots of the COBOTIC 100 series, programming is extremely simple and also suitable for the production of small quantities. The important software development work has made it possible to simplify all programming activities with an 80% reduction in time.

COBOTIC 100 line

Presentation of the machines of the COBOTIC 100 series.

The collaborative welding robots of the COBOTIC 100 series are a very high-tech automation system: a new concept of automation and integration with artificial intelligence, combined with ease of use. Developed by a team of experts, collaborative robots allow you to easily manage even a complex production cycle, since by changing the tool of each single arm, a single cell can perform different processes.

Follow the Rolleri Robotic Youtube channel to view all the videos of the COBOTIC 100 series.

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